One of the Many Challenges of HR: Managing Millennials

While there a lot of questions that arise in the Human Resources field, there is one question that many Human Resource managers tend to question more now than ever: how can we successfully manage millennials? Millennials make up one of the biggest generations today, and the way that millennials operate are a lot different than traditional ways of working. Don’t worry, we’re going to discuss ways to effectively manage millennials to ensure a productive and inclusive workplace for all. 

Start by creating a safe space in the work environment 

One thing that millennials are big on is mental health. In prior generations, many people didn’t consider therapy to be as important as others consider it to be currently. However, millennials feel like nothing is more important than their mental health, and that their work environment should reflect that. Creating a space where their voices and opinions can be heard and recognized is a great place to start. It is also important that the workers feel like they can be themselves and come to management with any concerns without being judged. 

Create more opportunities for growth 

Feeling like you can excel and grow as an individual, as well as a professional, has always been extremely important for those working. However, younger professionals are the generation of risk takers and will quit a job without giving it a second thought. Therefore, it is crucial for managers to ensure that there is always room for growth and opportunity, so that the employees can feel challenged and connected without feeling like they are just another employee with a badge. This also includes giving them honest and receptive feedback, so they can feel like they are noticed and seen. Since most companies are now remote or hybrid, making sure you’re checking in on the employees and always extending a helping hand or a listening ear for any concerns they may have is also something to consider.

Remember that change is constant

As the years go on, innovation and technology progresses. There is always a new product being released or a new platform being launched. Millennials grew up with technology and prefer texting, emailing and other messaging platforms over the traditional face-to-face or phone conversations. Millennials also evolve with the new technology that is being produced, and so should their work environment. Managers should always consider what will best help their employees succeed, because their work and spirits reflect that. As a result, workers will feel supported and know that you care about their needs and what best suits them.

All in all, millennials are the largest living generation and plays a major role in how the economy operates today. Millennials possess a strong skill set because of their upbringing in a technologically advanced world. They are also always eager to learn and care more about just getting their paycheck. Most millennials thrive off the support they receive from their managers and their work environment. The benefits of having hard working millennials apart of your company can change the game.  Effectively managing millennials is something that’ll take time, but if focused on, it is something that can have a long-lasting impact on your company. 

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