Why we have too few women leaders

Sheryl Sanberg has a thought provoking Ted talk on why there are not more women leaders.

She suggests three things:

1. Women are not as likely to sit at the table. Women tend to underestimate their abilities. Men are more likely to believe success is because of them while women tend to think success is because of something outside themselves. Currently it’s been tested that success and likeability are positively correlated for men. While they are negatively correlated for women.

Does your company culture  celebrate women’s success as much as men’s?

2. Women are still doing 2-3 times as much at home with the house and childcare as men. Sheryl says we need to upgrade the importance of working in the home for both genders.

3. Women stop searching for upward mobility when they start thinking about having kids. They may not take that promotion. Or take on that extra project. But, then when they go back to work (if they decide to) the work is more boring because they opted out of advancement.

How can your company mentor women into leadership roles?

You can watch Sheryl Sandberg’s Ted Talk by pressing the play button.

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