Do you have employees that are not meeting their goals?

Do you have employees that are not meeting their goals? Do they do just enough to get by? Maybe they don’t understand the big picture or how they fit into the organization. How can managers help their people achieve their goals?


Vision is a critical component of goal setting in organizations. Have your employees been shown the goals for the entire organization? Make sure they understand the why and the intent of these goals. People want to know why the organization matters in the world. Be clear on your organization’s strategy and key initiatives.

Clear Goals

Set clear goals with the employee. What specific behaviors and actions do they need to do to achieve the business results in the vision? Tell them your

expectations and deadlines. Focus on the outcomes you want. Help an employee break down their goal so it is achievable and measurable. Find out how an employee’s personal goals may fit in with the vision. Know what the employee values and what motivates them.

Right Person for the Job

Do you have the right person for the goals you are creating? Do they have the skills, experience and personality to do what needs to be done?


Do you have regular feedback sessions? Use feedback as an everyday communication tool instead of a once a year intimidating session. Let them know right away if they are not on the right track. Gently steer them back on course, being clear and specific with your feedback so they know exactly what to change. Focus on behaviors and solutions. Appreciate and celebrate high performance.

Increase Engagement

Allow more collaboration from workers so they are involved in decision making. This gives them a sense of being truly involved in the organization. Request input in procedures. Often the people on the ground doing the work have a better idea on how to make things flow better.


Invest in your employees with training and material to help them master their goals and the organization’s goals. People desire to grow and develop. When you help them grow they will more easily reach the goals.

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One of the greatest challenges facing organizations is the ability to attain, develop, and retain talent to operate their organizations with limited resources and performance demands. In order to properly manage this vital resource, business leaders need to

identify their challenges, develop a strategy, and implement solutions. McPherson|Berry is the partner of choice to deliver human capital management best practices and solutions.

Human capital is the individual employee, their capabilities, experience, skills, time and performance. Managing your people effectively has its challenges but if managed correctly there can be a massive impact on your overall business performance. Let us assist with your talent management objectives that include Business Acumen Training. 

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