Transgender Employees: Creating an Inclusive Work Community




May 12, 2021

A safe, inclusive workplace in many jurisdictions is not just the law; it is a goal of every employee and company that values the contributions, well-being, and productivity of everyone in the organization. In society today, individuals are of many personal communities. The importance of understanding terms of identification is critical to creating and maintaining a safe workplace.

This is a one-day course to introduce the importance and elements of safe inclusive workspaces for Transgender persons – those identifying as a gender other than the one assigned at birth. This course will offer an introduction to terminology, elements, policies, and resources to build and sustain a safe, inclusive environment for transgender employees and increase the comfort level and productivity off all in your organization.

What You Will Learn?

  • Understand the importance and history of inclusivity in the workplace
  • Increase your understanding of the Transgender experience
  • Explore and address personal and societal biases, misconceptions, and choices
  • Identify and implement elements to support a safe, inclusive workplace

What’s Included?

  • Instruction by an expert facilitator
  • Small, interactive classes
  • Specialized manual and course materials
  • Personalized certificate of completion
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