EYE 2024 Program

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Current Calendar – add these dates to your calendar. Look in each month’s modules for the Zoom info for the live calls. You can also find it here:



4/4 Cohort survey due for IFEL, do pre-program module
4/4 EYE Orientation (12:30pm – 2pm ET)
4/5-4/11 – Cohort Workplan Sessions – IFEL

Pitch Readiness

4/11 Development Session (11am – 1:30pm ET) Understanding the DNA of Your Brand – Brooke Foley
4/18 Development Session (11am – 1:30pm ET) Build a Better Brand Story and Your Pitch Deck Brooke Foley
4/19 Cohort-Mentor Matches Announced – IFEL will email you your corporate partner
4/25 Development Session (11am – 1:30pm ET) Maximizing the Value of Certification – Constance Jones and Shalayna Williams, NMSDC
4/26 Success Circles introductions with Corp Mentor – Session 1 (IFEL will let you know which session you will be in)
4/29 Success Circles introductions with Corp Mentor – Session 2
4/29 Connect Session (1pm-2pm, not mandatory)

Financials (Financial Statements, Pricing, Forecasting, Audits)

5/21 Development Session (11:30am – 1:30pm ET) Financial Hackathon IFEL (Split class with 5/23 – sign up link in modules)
5/23 Development Session (11:30am – 1:30pm ET) Financial Hackathon IFEL (Split class with 5/21 – sign up link in modules)
5/31 Connect Session (12pm-1pm, mandatory)
6/10 – 6/14 Pitch One-on-One Session (Pick time 30-minute session. We will put the sign up in the portal)
6/24 Connect Session (12pm-1pm, not mandatory)
6/27 Development Session (11:30am – 1:00pm ET) Managing Risk by Insurance BASF
7/22 Connect Session (12pm-1pm, not mandatory)
7/25 Development Session (11am – 1:30pm ET) Financial Statements Shaniece Bennet

Sales & Marketing (Business Dev, Sales, Capability Statements, RFPs, SD Portals)

8/1 Development Session (11am – 1:30pm ET) Understanding Your Analytics Katrina Turnbow
8/15 Development Session (11am – 1:30pm ET) Pitch Hackathon IFEL
8/26 Connect Session (12pm-1pm, not mandatory)
8/29 Development Session (11am – 1:30pm ET)
8/30 Pitch Video Due (12 Noon ET)
9/5 Certification Approved/Interview Scheduled
9/12 Development Session (11am – 1pm ET) Fill the Funnel for Business Growth and Sales Optimization – Andrea Grant
9/19 Development Session (11am – 1:30pm ET)
9/23 Connect Session (12pm-1pm, not mandatory)
9/25 12:00-1:30 pm Everyone’s pitch feedback
Week of 9/30 Top 5 get individual sessions with Jayne Agency
10/10 Development Session (11am – 12pm ET) Know Before you Go – LaSonya Berry
Align to Conference Theme
10/20 – 10/24 Conference (Onsite in Atlanta) and Pitch Competition
10/28 Connect Session (12pm-1pm, not mandatory)

Operations & Leadership (EOS, Managing, Execution, Legal)

11/14 Development Session (11am – 1pm ET) Understanding Trademarks and Copyrights – Bobby Robinson
11/25 Connect Session (12pm-1pm, not mandatory)
11/30 Jayne Agency Report Due
12/5 Participant Report Due
12/19 Development Session (11am – 1pm ET) EOS Lenora Robinson, IMB Partners
12/23 Connect Session (12pm-1pm, not mandatory)
1/9 Development Session (11am – 1pm ET) Protecting Your Business & Assets – Mary Grate Pyos
1/30 Development Session (11am – 1pm ET) Managing your Business – LaSonya Berry
2/13 Development Session (11am – 1pm ET) Legal (Statement of Work) – corporate


2/13 Presentations Due
2/27 Graduation (11am – 12pm ET)

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Course Includes

  • 30 Sessions